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There can be hundreds of files on your phone that you have downloaded and might not have used much. Most importantly, you forgot to get rid of them. As these files may cover a lot of space on your phone, memory issues can be an issue after a certain time. If you want to keep these files and also want to save space, ZArchiver can be a great solution.

ZArchiver is a popular file compression and archive management app for mobile devices developed by ZDevs. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive set of features, ZArchiver is a powerful tool that allows users to easily compress and decompress files, create and manage archives, and access and extract files from various archive formats.

A Quick Look-Up Over The ZArchiver App!

Whether you need to compress large files to save storage space or extract files from a downloaded archive, ZArchiver provides a simple and efficient solution for managing your files on the go.

  • Support for a lot of file formats

To be clear, the ZArchiver is not meant for archiving video or audio files. However, the software is equipped with the ability to archive files in the following formats. You can archive 7z (7zip), bzip2 (bz2), zip, XZ, gzip (gz), tar, and many other known files.

  • Both compression and decompression

The software can easily handle both compression and decompression of the files. The supported formats are the same. It means that if someone sends you a file of any of the above-mentioned formats, you will be able to see its contents.

  • Password protected files

If the contents you are compressing are personal or confidential, like your business or financial details, ZArchiver can help. With this phone app, you can easily create password-protected files. Further, you can also view the contents of password-protected files if you know the password.

  • Add and remove a file

The ZArchiver software has an innovative feature that allows you to remove and add selected files from and to the archives.

  • Excellent user reviews

If you are still perplexed about choosing ZArchiver, you can check the user reviews. The software has garnered remarkable user reviews. It is currently rated 4.4 on Google Play and has been downloaded to devices over 100 million times.

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How to use ZArchiver on your PC?

There is only one way to use ZArchiver on your PC, by using a virtual machine like AMIDuOS. Here are the simple steps to install and run ZArchiver on your PC.


  1. Get the AMIDuOS installer package from the American Megatrends website based on your system configuration.
  2. When downloaded, extract the file and find the .exe file of the software. Double-click to start the installation process of AMIDuOS.
  3. When complete, tap on the Done option.
  4. As AMIDuOS does not have a Google Play Store app, you need to install it.
  5. To install, open the emulator, and you will see the steps to do it.
    When the Google Apps folder is downloaded, right-click on it and choose “Apply to DuOS.”
  6. After this, open the emulator and login into Google Play Store.
  7. Search for ZArchiver, and there you are.

FAQs of ZArchiver App

1. Is ZArchiver free to use?

Yes, ZArchiver is a free app available on the Google Play Store.

2. Can ZArchiver extract password-protected files?

Yes, ZArchiver has the ability to extract password-protected files, as long as you have the correct password.

3. Can ZArchiver create compressed files?

Yes, ZArchiver can create compressed files in various formats, including ZIP and 7Z.

4. Can I use ZArchiver to extract files from cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox?

Yes, ZArchiver can extract files from cloud storage services as long as you have the necessary permissions and access to the files.


Using apps like ZArchiver becomes critical when space on your phone runs out. Make sure you use ZArchiver to save space and ensure smooth functionality. So, if you want to keep your phone running smoothly and efficiently, be sure to add ZArchiver for PC to your list of essential apps.

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