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Aug 16, 2022
Windows 7/8/10 (Laptop)
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Data transfer is a time-consuming process and, depending on the internet, at a certain time, can be a risky affair. You never know which file transferring to your phone is harmful. InShare is a file transfer application that lets you share your games, music, apps, or any files with 100% safety.

Its transfer speed is up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth, and with the ability to operate offline, it is the ideal go-to app for file sharing anytime and anywhere.

Why InShare?

Here are some concrete reasons!

✓ Send infinite large files at a flash speed

InShare offers you to send files or receive at up to 40Mb/s with no limit on size. That means you can share up to 1 GB of files just in less than 30 seconds. So in case you even want to transfer movies or large games apk, you can smoothly, and worry-free share it with other users.

✓ Easy-to-use one-tap UI

With its easy-to-use UI, the InShare is not just simple but also fun to use. You just have to select the “send” or “receive” option and find the right profile to which you want to send or from which you want to receive the file. That’s it. Also, the app offers a powerful file manager, due to which it becomes exceptionally easy to search and select multiple files at one time.

✓ Allows smart replication

Got a new phone and worried about how to bring contacts, videos, and apps from the old to the new phone? Worry not; with InShare, you can easily transfer files and mobile data like contacts, SMS, photos, songs, videos, apps, etc., to your new phone.

✓ Supports cross platforms

It supports cross-platform file transferring, which means you can use this app to share from and Android, iOS, Jio Phone, Mac, and Windows. You can install it on your PC, too, for which we have provided the steps in our further sections.

✓ Loved by users

InShare has succeeded in garnering over 50 million trusted users, along with a user rating of up to 4.6 stars, since it was launched. This showcases how consistent this app has been in delivering the best experience to users.

How to Install InShare on a PC?

The solution to this problem is a virtual machine called AmiDuOS. It is a fast, efficient, and powerful application that allows you to install and run any Android app on your PC. Here are the steps on how you can download the AmiDuOS app!


  1. Visit the AmiDuOS website,, and click on “Download” from the navigation.
  2. Once the AmiDuOS software has been downloaded, extract it.
  3. Open the extracted file and select the “.exe” file to install the software.
  4. Wait for a few minutes until the installation process is complete.
  5. Once finished, launch the emulator and use the browser app provided by the emulator to search for the Google Play Store.
  6. After downloading the Google Apps folder, right-click it and select “Apply to DuOS.”
  7. Login to Google Play Store.
  8. Search for the InShare app and download it.
Pros Cons
Easy to use Some features require payment
Fast file transfer May not work well on older devices
No limit on file size May consume significant amount of data
Supports various file formats May have security vulnerabilities
Allows sharing with multiple devices at once May have occasional bugs and glitches


File sharing is something that people require every day. Hence, a tool that is easy to use, small in size, and ensures safety makes life a lot simpler. So why wait? Get the most loved file-sharing InShare app now and enjoy a seamless experience of data transfer.

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