Download Amiduos Emulator for PC

run-apps-games-on-windows-pcHave you been in a scenario where you want to take your gameplay to a big screen from your phone? Well, I have been there, and there would be many of you who have the same desire. Now, with the help of an Android emulator like AmiduOS, you can.

Though there are many other Android emulators on the web, AmiduOS is a new player and has garnered an impressive user base within a short time. As of now, it has been rated 7.8/10 by Filehorse, which clearly proves that the emulator is worth a try, but is it that good?

Let’s read this comprehensive guide to understand and explore the AmiduOS Android Emulator!

The Installation of AmiduOS Android Emulator!

Before we dive into the features of the emulator, let’s understand how to properly install the emulator on the PC.



Here are the requirements that your PC must fulfill to install the emulator.

Feature Requirements
Processor Intel x86
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or above
Graphics OpenGL 3 or higher
Disk Space 2GB

Other than this, the AmiduOS Android Emulator required the hardware virtualization technology enabled in the BIOS.


The installation process of the AmiduOS Android Emulator is pretty easy. The software is produced by American Megatrends. Hence, the best way to install it is from the official website.

If you cannot find the product, you can also get it from a third-party website. Make sure that you have an antivirus installed if you are trusting a third-party website.

To get it from the American Megatrends website, you need to go to their official website and go to the emulator page. After that, enter your email ID and version of the software fit for your PC. You will get the download link to the emulator in the email.

  1. Go to your email and click on the download URL.
  2. Download the RAR file and extract all the files from it.
  3. Open the extracted folder and click on the DuOS.exe installer file.
  4. Wait until the button on the installation says “Done.”
  5. Click on Done and open the emulator.
  6. Here you will see all the app icons.


If you want to install the emulator via a third-party apk, the steps remain the same. You just have to download the apk from the website.

Note: The AmiduOS Android Emulator does not have Google Play by default. It just has Amazon App Store. Hence, to install Google Play, you have to download it as a third-party utility to use it.


Top Features and Benefits of the AmiduOS Android Emulator!

AmiduOS Android Emulator is a power-packed emulator housing some remarkable features.

✓ The Immersive User Interface

The user interface of the AmiduOS Android Emulator is super immersive. In the full-screen mode of the emulator, you will witness high-end graphics just like you are using an Android tablet. The emulator provides you with various other remarkable UI elements, like

  • Touch sound on tap or writing on the keyboard
  • Changing the wallpaper
  • Adding widgets
  • Combining apps into folders
  • Notification bar

✓ The “OK Google”

If you install the Google Now app in the AmiduOS Android emulator, you can use it to provide commands to Google, just like on your Android phone. It is more convenient to ask Google to set the alarm than to do it manually on your PC.

✓ Shared Folders

The shared folder feature is provided by the emulator to keep the documents and other elements of Windows and Android in one place. You can use an Android picture as wallpaper for your Windows and vice-versa. On top of that, you can also map dedicated folders for music, documents, pictures, etc., in the configuration tool.

✓ Smart Use of Hardware

One of the key USPs of the AmiduOS Android emulator is that it uses windows hardware in a unique way. For example, it runs the Android apps in the native x86 mode, whereas it only uses the ARM processor of Android devices when needed.

✓ Input Settings

It is obvious that the emulator will work best on a touchscreen laptop. As most of you may not have a touchscreen laptop, the emulator offers some out-of-the-box features to ensure smooth swiping of the screens.

Besides dragging to swipe through screens, you can use the Duos configuration tool to map keys on your keyboard for dragging, swiping, and tilting.

✓ Pinning the Apps

An innovative feature that the AmiduOS Android emulator provides the users is the ability to pin apps to their Windows start menu. With this feature, you can directly access the app from your start menu than opening the emulator first.

✓ Top-end Graphics Gaming

If you are a gaming enthusiast, the emulator will be the best choice for you. It provides a smooth and graphic-impressive gaming experience with the help of 3D acceleration and Windows OpenGL drivers.

Some Minor Drawbacks of the Emulator

Other than the top features and benefits, there are some minor drawbacks that the AmiduOS Android emulator has.


The number one drawback of the emulator is its price; it is not freeware. You have to pay $10 for a license for Android Jelly Bean 4.3 and $15 for a lifetime license for Android Lollipop 5.1. You get a 30-day free trial with both of these.

Works Better on Powerful Devices

Unlike many other Android emulators, this one would run smoothly on powerful devices.

May Clog System Resources

It is not recommended to use the emulator in the background as it will use a lot of resources on your PC.



In the wrap-up, we can say that the AmiduOS Android emulator is worth a try. If you want to experience top-end gaming on your PC while leveraging Android, the emulator should be your top choice. Elevate your digital experience to new heights with our extensive collection of premium Apps and Games for PC – the possibilities are endless, so why wait? Browse now!

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