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AMIDuOS is now available for free download to all users. Please visit ami.com/getamiduos to download the AMIDuOS installer, and for more information on terms and conditions, limitations and known issues.

Configuring FPS in AMIDuOS

From the version of AMIDuOS <>, FPS (Frames per second) for AMIDuOS can be configured in DuOS Configuration Tool, which may solve the problems such as high CPU usage, high heat dissipation, CPU fan noise, battery drains quickly or slow performance to some extent.

The value set in FPS option becomes the no. of frames per second to AMIDuOS. By default, the FPS value set to 60.

Kindly tune the FPS value for your satisfactory results, if you are facing any of above mentioned problems. Please note that setting very low FPS value, may not give smooth experience in AMIDuOS on some platforms.

The FPS value can be set from DuOS Configuration Tool -> Advanced -> System -> Check and set FPS value -> Apply -> Close as shown below,

FPS in AMIDuOSThe FPS in DuOS Configuration Tool should not to be confused with FPS in video/movie files. 


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