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Mar 29, 2023
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If you’re someone who loves taking notes or doodling, then you’ve probably heard of GoodNotes5. It’s a fantastic note-taking app that has gained immense popularity among iPad users. Yes, you read that right!

In this blog post, I’ll tell you all about the GoodNotes5 app for PC, its features, and how you can download it for your PC using the Amiduos emulator.

What is GoodNotes5 App for PC?

Let’s start with the basics. GoodNotes5 is a digital note-taking app that allows you to take handwritten notes, annotate PDFs, and organize your notes in a structured manner.

GoodNote5 Features

It offers a wide range of features that make note-taking an enjoyable and productive experience. Some of its notable features include:

✓ Handwriting Recognition: GoodNotes5 uses advanced OCR technology to recognize your handwriting and convert it into searchable text. This means you can easily search for specific notes and keywords without having to manually sift through your notes.

✓ Templates: GoodNotes5 comes with a wide range of templates, including lined, graph, and music sheets, among others. This makes it easy to create notes that look professional and neat.

✓ Annotation Tools: With GoodNotes5, you can annotate PDFs and other documents using a variety of tools, including highlighters, text boxes, and arrows. This makes it easy to highlight important information or add comments to a document.

✓ Syncing Across Devices: GoodNotes5 offers seamless syncing across all your devices, including your iPad, iPhone, and PC. This means you can access your notes from anywhere, at any time.

How to Download GoodNotes5 for PC

Now that you know about the features of GoodNotes5, let’s talk about how you can download it for your PC. As I mentioned earlier, you’ll need to use an emulator called Amiduos to run GoodNotes5 on your PC.


  1. Download Amiduos: First, you’ll need to download the Amiduos emulator from its official website.
  2. Install Amiduos: Once you’ve downloaded the emulator, install it on your PC by following the instructions provided.
  3. Set up Amiduos: After installation, launch Amiduos and set it up by providing your Google account credentials.
  4. Download GoodNotes5: Now, download GoodNotes5 from the App Store on your iPad or iPhone.
  5. Transfer GoodNotes5 to your PC: Once you’ve downloaded GoodNotes5 on your iPad or iPhone, connect it to your PC using a USB cable. Then, navigate to the GoodNotes5 app folder on your iPad or iPhone and copy it to your PC.
  6. Install GoodNotes5 on Amiduos: Finally, drag and drop the GoodNotes5 app folder onto the Amiduos home screen to install it.

And that’s it! You can now use GoodNotes5 on your PC using Amiduos. Just launch Amiduos, click on the GoodNotes5 app icon, and start taking notes or annotating documents.

GoodNotes 5 FAQs

1. What is Goodnotes 5?

Goodnotes 5 is a note-taking app for iOS and iPadOS devices that allows users to create handwritten notes, annotate PDFs, and organize their notes with folders and tags.

2. How much does Goodnotes 5 cost?

Goodnotes 5 is available for purchase on the App Store for $7.99 USD.

3. Does Goodnotes 5 support handwriting recognition?

Yes, Goodnotes 5 has handwriting recognition capabilities that can convert your handwritten notes into digital text.

4. Does Goodnotes 5 have a Mac version?

Yes, Goodnotes 5 is available for Mac computers and can be purchased on the Mac App Store.


GoodNotes5 is a fantastic note-taking app that offers a wide range of features to make your note-taking experience enjoyable and productive. While it’s primarily designed for iPad users, you can also use it on your PC by using an emulator like Amiduos. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and versatile note-taking app, GoodNotes5 is definitely worth a try.

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