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Installing Google Apps and Services to AMIDuOS

Google Apps Installation

  • Introduction
  • Download Google App Package
  • Install Google Apps
  • Launch DuOS

1. Introduction

AMIDuOS is shipped with basic android apps and it does not include any Google apps and services. It is very easy to install Google apps package in AMIDuOS.

To install google apps follow the below steps.

2. Download Google App Package

Download verified and signed Google apps packages for AMIDuOS versions from below links and save it in your System.

3. Install Google Apps

Right click on the downloaded Gapps_update_zip file click on 'Apply to DuOS' as shown below(The below screenshots refers the gapps_update process for Jellybean Version of AMIDuOS).


While updating, AMIDuOS will restart automatically and boot into system update mode to install the package.


Follow the onscreen instructions,


4. Launch AMIDuOS

After successful installation, you can see all the Google Apps in the Apps drawer in DUOS as given below.


Enjoy the full experience of Android in Windows with AMIDuOS.

If you experience any troubles with Google apps update in AMIDuOS , kindly refer this link to troubleshooting them.

If you are upgrading to Lollipop 5.1.1, please update the 'Google Play Store' to latest version. The Google Play store can be updated by Play store --> Settings --> tab on Build version to update to latest version.

If you are upgrading from Jellybean Version of AMIDuOS to Lollipop version, you need to perform Gapps update again with the Lollipop version of update.zip file, since Google apps& services may differ across Android versions.

Note :- Please prefer to install verified and signed gapps update.zip package mentioned by us for the corresponding Android versions. The usage of other version may result in failure of update or frequent Google apps errors or malfunctioning.

Happy AMIDuOSing


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