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Mar 27, 2023
Windows 7/8/10 (Desktop)
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Voloco is a popular music software that enables users to enhance their singing voice by applying vocal effects and autotune settings. This software can be accessed on both the iOS and Android platforms, which means it caters to a vast range of users across the globe.

The program is completely free to download and use, making it a cost-effective alternative to other music-creation applications available in the market. Voloco offers an extensive range of features catering to aspiring singers, music enthusiasts, and professional artists’ needs.

Ease of Use

With a straightforward and uncomplicated UI that makes browsing simple, Voloco is made with user experience in mind. You may play with the app’s many vocal effects and autotune settings to alter your voice in real-time until you discover the sound that suits you best. The software will provide several choices for recording and editing your vocals when you first use them.

Autotune Settings

One of the nicest aspects of the software is how Voloco can automatically change the autotune settings to match your voice. This implies that you may produce tracks with a professional sound even if you’re not an experienced singer. This function is especially helpful for beginning vocalists who might not have perfect pitch or who have trouble staying in tune.

Backing Tracks

Together with autotune and voice effects, Voloco also offers a selection of sing-along backing tracks. You’re likely to discover music that fits your taste among the variety of genres covered by these songs, which span from pop and hip-hop to electronic and R&B. You may utilize the app’s large collection of pre-made beats and instrumentals to make your songs.

How to Get the Voloco App on Your PC?

This app is designed for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. However, you can still download and use Voloco on your PC by following these steps!


  1. Depending on your system setup, download the AMIDuOS installer package from the AMIDuOS website.
  2. It must be set up using the.exe file.
  3. Install the Google Play Store after installation because it does not already have one.
  4. To view the installation instructions, open the emulator.
  5. After downloading, right-click the Google Apps folder and choose “Apply to DuOS.”
  6. After that, launch the emulator and sign in to the Google Play Store.
  7. If you search for “Voloco,” you can discover it.
  8. Upon completion of the installation, you may begin utilizing it.

Overall Impression

Voloco is an impressive app that offers a range of features for anyone who enjoys singing. Its user-friendly interface and real-time editing capabilities make it easy to experiment with different sounds. At the same time, its automatic tuning feature ensures that even novice singers can create professional-sounding tracks.

The variety of vocal effects and backing tracks available allows for creative experimentation and the ability to create unique sounds. It is suitable for professional musicians looking to create high-quality tracks or casual singers who want to enhance their voices and have fun making music.

If you’re a music producer or singer, you might want to consider using Pi Music Player on the PC to test out your latest tracks.


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