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AMIDuOS is now available for free download to all users. Please visit ami.com/getamiduos to download the AMIDuOS installer, and for more information on terms and conditions, limitations and known issues.

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hyper-v feature is enabled

In Progress Thomas J. Comments: 2 Reply 4 days ago by Eduardo C.
2 votes

can you delete my old topic?

Answered deletePLZPLz Comments: 1 Reply 2 months ago by Vasanth V.
1 vote

could not validate duos license

Answered Jon B. Comments: 24 Reply 3 months ago by karthikeyank
7 votes

Virtual machine could not find

Solved Chou c. Comments: 30 Reply 3 months ago by Bob K.
16 votes

Duos and Windows 10

Answered Huỳnh N. Comments: 6 Reply 4 months ago by Trevor R.
3 votes

amazon kindle can't display some books

In Progress Xav V. Applications Comments: 19 Reply 5 months ago by David
7 votes

Android (or just APK) Emulator for PS Vita

In Progress DarkHao Comments: 2 Reply 5 months ago by DarkHao
2 votes

after buying it, it doesn't work anymore

Known T. A. Comments: 1 Reply 6 months ago by T. A.
1 vote

Trial period expired on first launch

Solved Rubin G. Comments: 2 Reply 6 months ago by edinson
1 vote
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