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AMIDuOS is now available for free download to all users. Please visit ami.com/getamiduos to download the AMIDuOS installer, and for more information on terms and conditions, limitations and known issues.

Xposed framework support in AMIDuOS

This knowledge base refers to Xposed Framework Support configuration which are mainly targeted to change the behavior of a system and apps without touching any apks.


    1.Rooted AMIDuOS.(AMIDuOS can be Rooted by referring the Knowledge Base)

    2. Enable Unknown sources option from AMIDuOS Settings -> Security -> Device Administration. 

    2.(Optional) Backup all your data & Apps before flashing the Xposed framework file to avoid data incase anything              goes wrong or your device doesn’t boot up.(Please refer this link to know some methods to perform data backup)

Installation of Xposed Framework In AMIDuOS Lollipop 

Step 1.Download the amiduos-xposed.zip framework.

** Please note that the verified xposed package customized for AMIDuOS only will work. We do not guarantee the successful installation of other packages.** 

Step 2.Right Click on the amiduos-xposed.zip & Apply to DuOS.

Step 3.Wait for the Reboot of AMIDuOS to complete.

Step 4.Download and Install the xposed Framework apk from here and Install in DuOS.(Right Click 

Step 5.To install various modules from the Xposed Installer app, open the app and go to the Download section. 

Step 6.Select the Module that needs to be installed. When selected it will be directed to the download source from                    where the apk of particular module could be downloaded and installed. (The various xposed modules apks could be downloaded and installed from here also)

Step 7.Select the installed Module from Modules section in xposed application and enable it. (The notification                             prompting the enabling of module will be also displayed in notification bar after it is installed. When selected  it will be redirected to Xposed -> Modules)

Step 8.Reboot the device when prompted. (The device needs to be rebooted each time after enabling a module for its              functioning)

Troubleshooting Steps:-

1. Please make sure to install the customized and verified xposed framework package provided for AMIDuOS alone.

2. Make sure Root option is enabled and DuOS is rebooted for root mode to take effect, before applying xposed.

3. If you face any errors like Duos not reboots correctly, stuck at update screen etc, please do not forward with the xposed package install again. Please do perform a clean re-installation of AMIDuOS(Lollipop Pro - and try the xposed installation again.

4. Various xpoded modules which require xposed framework API version up to 81 are verified to with AMIDuOS.

5. Please do make sure to reboot each time after enabling any new module.


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