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Why AMIDuOS is not able to boot to Andriod successfully?

The problem symptom can be any of the followings,

  • Virtual Machine Error - Could not start/stop DuOS Virtual Machine  
  • Could not find Virtual Machine
  • Stuck at splash screen while booting to AMIDuOS
  • Black screen while booting to AMIDuOS


This problem can be occurred in any of the following scenarios and find their troubleshooting tips,

    1. If Virtualization Technology (VT-x/AMD-v) is disabled in your System.

            Refer this Knowledge base to ensure that Virtualization Technology is enabled in your System. If it is disabled, refer this Knowledge base to enable it in the System BIOS.

    2. If Anti-Virus program such as Avast and Bitdefender is blocking AMIDuOS to utilize Processor's Virtualization Core.

            Refer this Knowledge base for workaround to solve this error in Avast and Bitdefender anti-virus programs settings.

    3. If Hyper Visor program (Hyper-V, VMware & etc) is running in Windows while launching AMIDuOS.

            Try launching AMIDuOS after stopping/disabling Hyper program (System Restart may required).

    4. If you receiving Virtual Machine error repeatedly

            a.Verify the AMIDuOS environment variable 'DuoVMHome path' is created with 'C:\ProgramData\AMI\DuOS\duovm' location entry. This can be verified from Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings-> Environment Variables -> System Variables.

            b. If it is created, verify the following files are present in the below mentioned directories:

                    DuOVM.xml - C:\ProgramData\AMI\DuOS\duovm

                    DuOS.Vbox - C:\ProgramData\AMI\DuOS\DuOS

                    If DuOS.Vbox file not found. Kindly rename the DuOS.Vbox.prev file to DuOS.Vbox and then try launching AMIDuOS.

            c. Still the same VM error presists, send us this both files along with logs stated in the end of the article.

     5. Not sure of the cause of this error.

            a. Restart the Windows once and try launching AMIDuOS.            

            b. Uninstall AMIDuOS, restart the Windows once, install the latest version of AMIDuOS and launching it. Note that you will lose your data and installed apps in AMIDuOS while uninstalling it. Take a copy of datafs.vdi and sdcard.vdi files from C:\Users\<user name>\.DuOS and replace them later once the problem resolved.


If the same VM error persists even after verifying the above mentioned steps, The following log files can help us to analyze this problem,

Device Info Log:

  1. Download and run the Device Info tool in Windows and report to us with the log file (DuOSSystemInfo.txt) to know your platform configuration.

Windows Events Log:

  1. Download and run the Windows Events log tool in Windows and report to us with the log file (DuOSEventLog.zip) to check the problem.

Virtual Machine Log:

  1. Close AMIDuOS, if running.
  2. Open Command prompt.
  4. Press Enter.
  6. Press Enter.
  7. Launch AMIDuOS – Wait for Virtual Machine Error prompt.
  8. Go to C:\ProgramData\AMI\DuOS\duovm and copy the DuoVMSVC.log
  9. Go to C:\ProgramData\AMI\DuOS\DuOS\Logs and copy the VBox.log
  10. Send us the 2 log files.

AMIDuOS Boot Log:

  1. Go Start -> DuOS Configuration Tool -> Logs, put check mark in Enable Android Logs option and Apply -> Close.
  2. Launch AMIDuOS and wait for 1 min.
  3. The log file <boot.log> would be generated in C:\ProgramData\AMI\DuOS and report it to us. Note that ProgramData folder would be hidden in C:\drive.


The following information can help us to find the root cause,

  1. Was AMIDuOS launching without any problems in previous launches/versions?
  2. Was there power outage happened which caused unexpected shutdown of your system and disrupted AMIDuOS files.



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