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When do my bug(s) get fixed in AMIDuOS?

As a standard industry practice, we release new, stable versions of AMIDuOS periodically - which include many improvements and bug fixes that have been reported in the previous versions. 

If you encounter any problem(s) during the release of a new version of AMIDuOS, we ask that you please report the problem to us via our Support page, or subscribe to the support thread if the problem has already been reported by another user. All reported problems will be considered for bug fixes in the next release plan, according to the severity of each. For some more serious cases, we may release hotfixes or an intermediate pre-release version to fix the reported problem(s) more quickly.

Please note that our Support agents may contact you via email or our Support portal for collecting debug logs and updating the status of your request/problem.

Unfortunately, we cannot make any advance announcements regarding the date of upcoming version releases, as this depends purely on the number and severity of the bugs reported. To receive notifications from us about new releases of AMIDuOS, please subscribe here to our notification service.

As always, thanks for your patience and support as we work to make AMIDuOS the best Android environment for Windows!”


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