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Troubleshoot steps for Google apps update failure in AMIDuOS

Always use the signed and verified gapps package suggested by us for Google apps update process. DO NOT UNZIP the package for update and select only APPLY to DuOS option for update. 

The various errors that may happen in gapps update process and steps to troubleshoot/rectify them are mentioned below:-

I. If observed tray icon notification in bottom right windows task bar like 'Update version mismatched', kindly select proper zip archive ' errors.(In some Windows 10 devices we have observed tray icon notifications are missing and update wont start on Apply to DuOS option). Kindly proceed with the following steps

a. Check the Android version of installed AMIDuOS from Settings -> System -> About Tablet -> Android version

b. Verify the correct version of Gapps package file is used for the corresponding Android version. Refer this link to find Gapps update packages for various Android versions

c. Reboot AMIDuOS again and try applying the package

II. If correct version of Gapps update package is used and and still you observe errors like 'Update version mismatched','Update Failed', 'Update start and stuck at android logo screen', 'no action happen on Apply to DuOS option' ,(In some Windows 10 devices we have observed tray icon notifications are not appearing) kindly proceed with the following steps

1. Try rebooting AMIDuOS and applying update again

2. Download and save the Updater Log utility from here.

3. Launch AMIDuOS and try to perform the Google apps update again and wait till the occurrence of error.

4. Now run the Updater Log utility.

5. Attach the DuOSEventLog.zip & DuOSUpdaterLog.zip files (the files will be generated in the path where the utility is present)

Kindly note the step II applies only to AMIDuOS Lollipop Pro versions starting from 2.0.6 onwards

III. We have observed that in some devices NORTON 360 Antivirus blocks the DuOSUpdater.exe thus by preventing the Gapps udpate process. In this case kindly follow the below mentioned steps:-

  • Right-click on DuOS.exe(

    C:\Program Files\AMI\DuOS

    -> Norton 360 -> Norton File Insight

  • Check 'Trust Now' and then Close pop up window.
  • Repeat the same for DuOSUpdater.exe, DuOS Configuration Tool.exe.


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