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How to reinstall AMIDuOS without losing data and Installed apps?

The AMIDuOS can be reinstalled without losing your data and installed apps in Android.

Follow the below steps do so,

Method #1:

  1. Close AMIDuOS, if it is running
  2. Browse to C:\Users\<username>\.DuOS    (***.DuOS folder will be hidden by default)
  3. Take a copy of datafs.vdi and sdcard.vdi files
  4. Uninstall the AMIDuOS from Programs and Features
  5. On uninstall please make sure that the following Program File paths for AMIDuOS are removed, Force remove them if not

C:\Program Files\AMI

C:\ProgramData\AMI(hidden folder)

C:\Users\<logged-in-user>\.DuOS(hidden folder)

  6. Restart Windows once and install AMIDuOS.(**Please do note that the Android version of the new AMIDuOS should be same as the one, of which the data has been backed up**)

  1. Launch AMIDuOS once and close it when booted to Home screen successfully
  2. Now perform Gapps update with correct Android version of Gapps update package(Refer this link for help). Complete the Google account Sync.(It is advisable to use the same Gmail Id for which was registered with previous AMIDuOS for which the data is backed up)
  3. Close AMIDuOS if running and replace the existing datafs.vdi and sdcard.vdi in C:\Users\<username>\.DuOS with your backed up VDI files
  4. Launch AMIDuOS and check for your data and Installed apps

Method #2:

   1. The apps and app data backup could be performed with the help of third party backup&restore applications like Titanium Backup-(Root). Please refer this link to know how to perform backup & restore with it. 

  2. After application backup  process is completed, please do backup sdcard.vdi before uninstalling AMIDuOS and replace it as suggested in steps 5-8(Option 1)

**You could backup the Titanium backup & restore data to Cloud if required and restore later.

Note that this procedure will work only on the same version of android to restore the data and installed apps otherwise you may encounter launching problems.


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