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How to set keyboard layout in AMIDuOS?

AMIDuOS supports the below non-English hardware keyboards layout for text input in AMIDuOS. 

The list of Supported languages as follows. We are also keeping on adding for more keyboards layout.

Arabic                                             Italian(Standard)                            
Dutch(Standard) Icelandic
Dutch(Belgium) Japanese
Danish Korean
English(United Kingdom) Lithuanian
English(United States) Latvian
Estonian Macedonian(FYROM)
French(Standard) Norwegian
French(Belgium) Portuguese(Brazil)
French(Switzerland) Polish
French(Canada) Portuguese(Portugal)
Finnish Russian
Faeroese Spanish(Spain)
German(Switzerland) Slovenian
German(Standard) Swedish
Hungarian Thai

For reference, this knowledge base shows enabling German language hardware keyboard layout. 

 1.  Select and add German(Standard) language to the Windows language list from Control Panel -> language -> Add  Language(If your system language or input language is already German kindly ignore this step)

 2. Select the Windows keyboard language layout as German by clicking on keyboard language shortcut in Windows  task bar(refer below fig.) or use Windows+space keys to switch between the Windows keyboard input languages(If your system's  keyboard language layout is already German kindly ignore this step) 

 3. In AMIDuOS from Settings -> Language & Input -> Physical keyboard -> Choose keyboard layout -> SETUP KEYBOARD LAYOUT  , select German layout(refer the below screenshots)


4. Verify the same by keyboard inputs by hitting keys in AMIDuOS

- Team DuOS.

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