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How to configure GPS in AMIDuOS

Follow the below steps to configure external GPS module to work with AMIDuOS.

Note that this Knowledge Base applies only to configure external GPS modules which uses COM port.

  1. Enable Windows Location platform in Control Panel -> Location Settings.
  2. Connect the external GPS module to System.
  3. Ensure that the GPS module is detected and the driver has been installed in Device Manager.
  4. Launch AMIDuOS and Open DuOS Configuration Tool from Settings.
  5. Select GPS, enable Hardware GPS and Choose the Automatic  -or- Manual option.
  6. If Manual option selected, Choose COM port of the External GPS receiver which detected in Device Manager and leave rest of the settings as default.
  7. Apply and Close.
  8. Restart the AMIDuOS to changes take effect.
  9. Turn ON Access to my location and enable GPS Satellites in Location Access from Settings. In Lollipop version of AMIDuOS kindly enable location button and select High Accuracy Mode. (Verify in each launch of AMIDuOS the corresponding location settings are Turned ON)
  10. Launch map or any GPS dependent application and check for GPS functions.

Troubleshooting tips:

  1. Check for Windows Location platform is enabled in Control Panel -> Location Settings.
  2. Check for the GPS module is detected, the appropriate driver has been installed and working in Windows side.
  3. Check for Access to my location or High Accuracy Mode(Lollipop)is turned ON and GPS Satellites option is enabled in Location Access settings.
  4. Check Hardware GPS options is enabled in Settings -> AMIDUOS Configuration Tool -> GPS. 
  5. Check for the COM port number of the Hardware GPS is configured in Manual option.
  6. Confirm that correct 'Port Number' of the Hardware GPS is configured in Configuration Tool for Manual configuration.
  7. Close any GPS application in Windows, if running and retry in AMIDuOS.
  8. Check with any GPS tools/utilities for detection issues in AMIDuOS(Ex:- GPS Status&Toolbox or Maverick GPS).
  9. Check the GPS device is able to receive GPS signal continuously without any loss.

If still you observe if GPS applications do not work, kindly attach the below mentioned items for analysis:-

1. Download&run the Windows EventsLog utility from here and attach the log file DuOSEventsLog.zip

2. Also enable Android Logs option from DuOS Configuration Tool-> Logs and launch AMIDuOS. Try to replicate the GPS related issue. Close DuOS and attach the boot.txt file generated in C:\ProgramData\AMI\DuOS\

 Note:- ProgramData folder will be hidden by default


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