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How to change DPI value manually?

AMIDuOS will calculate DPI (Dots Per inch) value according to Screen size and Resolution.

In rare occasions, DPI value has to be set manually from DuOS Configuration Tool.

Warning: Back, Home, Menu buttons may not appear when changing DPI value at certain Screen resolutions.

Follow the below steps to do so,

Method #1: GUI based

Launch Duos -> Settings -> DuOS Configuration Tool -> Advanced -> Manual DPI -> Select desired value -> Apply -> Close -> Relaunch DuOS.

Method #2: Editing the Config file

1. Go to C:\Users\<Logged in User>\.DuOS\

2. Take the backup of original 'config.xml' to elsewhere

3. Open Config.xml file with Notepad

4. Add an xml node as below inside <system>




[Valid DPI_VALUE's are 120,160,213,240,320,480 or 640]

5. Save the xml file

6. Launch DuOS.

Note: Take a copy of config.xml file before making changes and make sure you set valid DPI value otherwise DuOS will not run as expected.

A sample config file with DPI value set,

  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
  2. <duos>
  3. <devices>
  4. <camera>
  5. <status>on</status>
  6. </camera>
  7. ....
  8. ....
  9. <sumode>
  10. <enabled>0</enabled>
  11. </sumode>
  12. <system>
  13. <density>
  14. <value>160</value>
  15. </density>
  16. <memory>
  17. <size>800</size>
  18. </memory>
  19. <modified>1</modified>
  20. <processor>
  21. <count>1</count>
  22. </processor>
  23. </system>
  24. ...
  25. <version>1</version>
  26. </duos>

Team DuOS.

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