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Connecting to the Internet

Connecting to the Internet in DuOS

To configure access to the internet in DuOS, follow the procedure given below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Wi-Fi Network Connection from Windows
  3. Wi-Fi Network Connection from DuOS
  4. Ethernet Connection

1. Introduction.

DuOS supports internet configuration from android as well as windows side. If windows is already connected to the internet, DuOS will automatically connect to the existing network.

If your device supports Wi-Fi, you can configure Wi-Fi from windows as well as android. However, if your device is Ethernet-only, access to the internet must be configured from windows.

2. Configuring WiFi from Windows.

To configure WiFi from windows go to Windows Network Manager:


Tap on a particular network and connect it:


Android will automatically get connected to the particular Wi-Fi network:


3. Configuring Wi-Fi From Android.

To configure Wi-Fi from Android go to Android Settings:


Tap On a Wi-Fi Network which you want to connect:


Enter the password for selected Wi-Fi Network:


Once you tap on Connect, android will connect to the corresponding Wi-Fi network:


4. Ethernet Connection

If your device supports Ethernet-only, you must configure access to the internet from windows. If Windows is connected to the internet, Android will connect as well. If your device supports both WiFi and Ethernet, Android will make use of both the networks.

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