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Feb 26, 2023
Windows 7/8/10 (Laptop)
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While it’s indisputable that great musical talent involves years of practice and devotion and that some people are endowed with a natural ability to hear and play music, it’s also true that a smartphone app developed for music composition may be a useful tool for both novices and enthusiasts.

But, it can offer a fun and convenient approach to discovering music writing and composition fundamentals. Of course, such an app will only partially replace the knowledge and abilities acquired through years of study and practice. One of the systems is ORG 2024.

About ORG 2024

Users may use several features and possibilities to compose and play music that captures their imagination with excellent software like “ORG 2024.” The software may allow users to experiment with diverse sounds, rhythms, and harmonies, from basic chord progressions to intricate melodies. And although it might not make someone an instant musical genius, it can undoubtedly be a helpful tool on the road to improving as a musician.

Features of ORG 2024

A feature-rich music composing tool with many possibilities for music lovers is the ORG 2024 keyboard app for Android. Its noteworthy characteristics include the following!

✓ A vast library of sounds: The software comes with hundreds of musical instruments that users may play with the keyboard, allowing them to explore different sounds and create original songs.

✓ Drum kits: The software includes a variety of drum kits, ranging from traditional to Persian and Arabic, allowing users to make their beats and rhythms to accompany their songs.

✓ Recording and saving: ORG 2024 enables users to record their performances, replay them, save them, and play them later. This function is helpful for individuals who desire to retain a record of their musical compositions.

✓Simulator for the KORG keyboard: The software has a KORG keyboard simulator that offers players a true-to-life playing experience.

✓ Multi-touch software: ORG 2024 is a multi-touch software that lets users play with up to ten fingers at once, which makes it perfect for group performances.

✓ Keyboard Options: Users can display a keyboard with one or two rows of keys depending on their taste and ability level.

✓ Metronome and pedal: The software has a metronome and a pedal that users may use to adjust the pace and add effects to their creations.

Programmable buttons make it simple to include pre-recorded sounds in compositions. Programmable buttons on the ORG 2024 may play audio files or loops.

The program provides a high-quality stereo audio output, guaranteeing that composition sounds fantastic when played back.

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How to Use ORG 2024 on a PC?

This app was created for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You may still use ORG 2024 on your computer by following these instructions, though!


  1. Depending on your operating system setup, download the AMIDuOS installer file from the AMIDuOS download page.
  2. It has to be installed via the.exe file.
  3. After installation, add the Google Play Store if it doesn’t already have one.
  4. To view the installation instructions, open the emulator.
  5. Choose “Apply to DuOS” from the context menu of the Google Apps folder after downloading.
  6. After that, start the emulator, then sign in to the Google Play Store.
  7. You can find “ORG 2024” when you search for it.
  8. After the installation is complete, you may begin utilizing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) What is ORG 2024 ?

ORG 2024 is a music creation software that allows you to create and edit your own music using a variety of virtual instruments and effects.

b) What are the system requirements for ORG 2024 for PC?

The minimum system requirements for ORG 2024 for PC are Windows 10 (64-bit) with 4 GB RAM and a dual-core processor. However, for optimal performance, it is recommended to have at least 8 GB RAM and a quad-core processor.

c) What instruments and effects are included in ORG 2024 for PC?

ORG 2024 for PC includes a variety of instruments and effects, such as synthesizers, drum machines, bass guitars, pianos, and more. It also includes customizable effects such as reverb, delay, distortion, and chorus.

d) Is there a free trial version of ORG 2024?

Yes, a free trial version of ORG 2024 for PC is available for download on the official website. However, the trial version has limited functionality and only allows you to save up to 10 minutes of music.

e) Can I download and use ORG 2024 on my PC or Laptop?

Yes you can easily download, install and run ORG 2024 app on your desktop or laptop using an Android emulator such as AMIDuOS.


If you want to begin your journey as a music creator, ORG 2024 is the perfect app. Plus, since it’s available for PC, you’ll have more processing power and the ability to connect to external hardware like MIDI controllers. So why wait? Download ORG 2024 today and start exploring your creativity as a music maker!

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