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Install Google Apps

AMIDuOS comes pre-installed with stock Android apps and the Amazon App Store. The Google Play Store can be installed for access to popular Google apps like Gmail and Google+ using the AMIDuOS updater.
To install the Google Play Store, follow these steps:

  1. After you have installed AMIDuOS on your Windows 7/8/8.1 system, launch AMIDuOS from the desktop shortcut or Start menu in Windows
  2. Download the gapps package from below links.
  3. After the download is complete, open the Downloads folder in your system/browser and Right Click on the downloaded zip file and then click “Apply to AMIDuOS” to launch the update.
  4. The zip file package will now update AMIDuOS, enabling you to enjoy Google and third party apps available through the Google Play Store.

*All Google apps need to be installed again when you upgrade the AMIDuOS [Follow the above steps].

*This is a third-party website, not hosted or maintained by American Megatrends, Inc.

Sharing between Android and Windows


AMIDuOS provides a great feature to share data between Android and Windows. By default, users Music, Videos, Pictures, Documents folders are shared between Android and Windows; The contents in this folders will be available in Android.
Configure Shared Folders:
The AMIDuOS Configuration Tool can be used to select the folder which you want to share.
Follow the below steps to configure the folder.

  1. Go to Setting → AMIDuOS Configuration Tools → AMIDuOS Configuration Tools.
  2. Click Edit option along with any shared folder.
  3. Change the shared folder location and save it.
    and reboot your AMIDuOS to get the changes reflected.

AMIDuOS Shortcuts

AMIDuOS supports keyboards shortcuts which can be used in desktop or laptops
List of Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Alt+Ctrl+R - Rotate AMIDuOS
  • Alt+Ctrl+Z - Zoom AMIDuOS
  • Alt+Ctrl+T - Enable/Disable Gesture Support
    • Up arrow - Swipe up
    • Down arrow - Swipe down
    • Left arrow - Swipe left
    • Right arrow - Swipe right
    • w - Tilt up
    • s - Tilt down
    • a - Tilt left
    • d - Tilt right
    • delete - Tap


Enable Root Mode


AMIDuOS supports root mode. Booting in root mode allows to use AMIDuOS as super user.
Following are the advantages of root mode:

  • Ability to install apps that require root privileges.
  • Access to system and data partition.
  • Adb running with super user permissions.

Enable Root Mode:
You can enable it by AMIDuOS Configuration tool.
Follow below instruction to enable root mode for AMIDuOS.

  1. Go to Setting → AMIDuOS Configuration Tools → AMIDuOS Configuration Tools.
  2. Open AMIDuOS Configuration Tool and enable the RootMode.
  3. Click on apply save it and reboot your AMIDuOS.