Upgraded your system to Windows 10? Make it even better by adding AMIDuOS!

By | August 20, 2015

Have you recently upgraded your tablet, notebook or PC to Windows 10?  Want to make your Windows 10 experience even better, and have access to apps like Instagram, Tinder, WhatsApp, DuoLingo and Real Racing 3 that aren’t currently available for Windows OS?

Then add AMIDuOS to your Windows 10 device!

Once you get up and running, you can run Android and Windows 10 side-by-side, install popular apps from marketplaces like Google Play and Amazon App Store, share files between the two operating systems, pin Android apps to the desktop and much, much more – all without the need to restart the system (dual boot) before switching the OS! 

Websites and publications that are covering the recent release of Windows 10 and all that it brings to the table have also realized how adding AMIDuOS to a Windows 10 device makes it even better… read what some of them have to say below:


“Getting up and running is simple. You download and install the utility, and then you’re ready to run Android apps. That’s all there is to it. No configuration, and no messing about.”

Read more at: http://www.zdnet.com/article/run-android-apps-on-windows-10-with-amiduos/


“Want to play your favorite Android games on your Windows desktop or tablet? Check out AMIDuOS… this software delivers a full Android environment on your Windows device, complete with mouse, keyboard and audio support on PCs and camera, microphone, gyroscope, and accelerometer support on tablets.”

Read more at: http://ccm.net/news/26544-get-android-on-windows-10-with-amiduos


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