Tom’s Hardware Finds the Silver Lining for Android Developers with AMIDuOS Lollipop Beta Release

By | June 23, 2015

Noted hardware site Tom’s Hardware recently did a follow-up review of AMIDuOS in light of our latest Lollipop Beta release, and author Michael Sexton noted a “silver lining” for developers and power users that makes AMIDuOS potentially even more valuable and useful to this community.

He pointed out that Android app testing can often suffer when using the native device (such as a smartphone or tablet) as the test environment, due to software conflicts or hardware limitations. So the additional power of the Windows host system, together with the the latest version of Android that AMIDuOS provides, is a real boon for those looking to test their applications in an optimal setting.

He writes:

Although users have many reasons to enjoy the application, which can be used to run virtually any Android app, we felt that AMIDuOS had more to offer developers… to be the most useful for developers, obviously, the program needs to be using the same OS and software, and this update delivers just that.”

Read the rest of the Tom’s Hardware follow-up review – and the benefits of the Lollipop update for developers as well as gaming enthusiasts – here:,29397.html. And as always, happy AMIDuOSing!

– The AMIDuOS Team




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