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By | July 18, 2014

Android!!! First things comes in mind that lots of free, wonderful apps which has covers almost all possible electronic market aspects now the days. Android and it’s free apps are now everywhere. You can find android on phones, tablets, hybrid or HD devices and wearable devices such as watches, home appliances, cars and camera and so on.

Getting Started with DuOS …. ,

After testing the several possibility to run android apps on windows devices, the best solution we found with full reliability and which is supporting various windows platforms is DuOS, a product which is introduced by American Megatrends Inc., US based BIOS grant. There are several solutions to serve this need like blue stack, official x86 android SDK, but DuOS is way faster, reliable and easy to use than others. That’s why this is the choice of most users.

run android on windows

DuOS App Screen

Here’s how to get it running on your computer:

1)      Go to DuOS official website and on the first page itself you can see download link. Click on it for download. It will automatically detect your platform and download the online installer for it.

2)      Now open the setup files and follow the onscreen instruction to install DuOS. The instructions are straightforward, similar to installing any other windows application on your windows.

3)      Run DuOS when installation is complete. You might see a notification saying that your graphics drivers needs to be updated. You can go with update (It will improve performance) or ignore and proceed to launch DuOS.

4)      Now you can see android screen over windows. It will give you complete android experience. There is no google apps will available initially, but you can install it from outside detailed mention in the link.(NEED TO ADD)

5)      DuOS support keyboard, mouse, touch, pen, pinch and zoom etc. So, you can play games like subway surfer on your desktop with keyboard and mouse.

6)      DuOS supports multiuser feature so lot of users can use it on single platform.

7)      Best part of DuOS is, it is available with one month trail fully activated version with full feature supported. After one month you can activate it just in 9.99$ for life time. That’s insane.

run android apps on windows

DuOS Home Screen


So, this is my review for an amazing product which make possible for users to run almost all android apps on windows platform in just cost 9.99$ with lifetime validity.

For more information about this amazing product DuOS checkout the official website


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