AMIDuOS 2.0 Makes a Big Splash: Experts Agree that Life is Sweeter with Lollipop!

By | August 27, 2015

Our recently announced AMIDuOS 2.0 – which brings Android Lollipop to Windows 7.x/8.x/10 devices – is already making a huge splash in the press! Reviewers and industry experts have had a good taste of Lollipop on Windows and are finding out just how sweet it is! 

Read on to see all of the great coverage that the launch of AMIDuOS 2.0 is garnering in top publications worldwide:


PCWorld: “It creates a virtual tablet on your desktop or laptop, then runs Android apps on top of it. And it does it very well, too.”

See the complete article at:


Lifehacker: “If you want to run your favourite Android apps on your Windows 10 tablet, desktop or laptop then AMIDuOS is here to make the whole process smooth and pain-free.”

Read the full review at: “AMIDuOS 2.0 Lollipop is out of beta and is now ready for the masses. We’ve reviewed AMIDuOS before and it is one of, if not the best Android emulator for Windows available.”

See more details at:


Tom’s Hardware: “These improvements, in addition to AMIDuOS’s typical A/V sync improvements, graphics improvements and audio improvements, makes it an even better tool for testing and developing Android applications.”

For the complete review:,29929.html “A key difference between AMIDuOS and competitors like BlueStacks is that it is not merely an “app player,” as BlueStacks brands itself… with the full Android environment comes more control, such as the ability to download apps you already own from the Play Store or Amazon Appstore.

Get the rest of the story at: “This is a well-timed release… AMIDuOS should suffice for those keen to see their phone games and apps on something bigger than a few inches of screen.”

Learn more at:


Gizbot: “This application gives you a great Android environment emulation on Windows computers and tablets”

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2 thoughts on “AMIDuOS 2.0 Makes a Big Splash: Experts Agree that Life is Sweeter with Lollipop!

  1. Neeraj Ojha

    When will the final version of AMIDuOS 2.0 will launch as I am loving the AMIDuOS 2.0 beta version and waiting anxiously for the 2.0.

    1. C. Follett Post author

      Thanks for checking in about this! We are happy to inform you that our Android 2.0 has moved from beta to product version as of a few weeks ago, and is now available for 30-day free trial download and purchase from our website. On the site homepage, just look for the green “Try AMIDuOS 2.0 for Free Now” button, click to install the new version and you should be all set!


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